History & Forming

of Rhino Demolition & Environmental Services, Corp.


Chuck Smith worked for a company in Wilmington, NC as a Senior Supervisor/Project Manager performing select demolition and environmental projects.  He worked on large scale hotel and condo projects.  Primarily these projects were for a General Contractor in Little River, SC.

September 1999

Chuck was asked to dinner by the General Contractor in Little River where they discussed formation and partnership of a separate company where Chuck would perform all of their demolition and environmental work so this company would become a “One stop Shop”.

November 1999

After details had been made and a business plan and budget was put into place, Chuck accepted and started his Journey with his new company and position. He also created the company name “Rhino Demolition & Environmental Services, Corp.

February 2000

Chuck had (1) truck, (1) trailer, and enough equipment and materials to complete (1) job.

Rhino was awarded its first job with New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, NC.

Chuck bid the job, turned in submittals, and ran/Supervised a crew of temporary laborers until successfully completing the project.

April 2000

Chuck hires his first worker/Supervisor, Francisco Liscano. Francisco still works for Rhino to this day and has been a huge part of its growth and success throughout the years. He runs and manages all of Rhino’s large scale Abatement Projects.

2001 – 2005

Rhino performs multiple Hurricane clean-up projects throughout NC, SC, GA, Florida, and Texas over several years and that’s when the Rhino Logo was created (Rhino Head with Hurricane swirl)


Chuck becomes a Majority stake owner of Rhino Demolition. Rhino becomes a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, and a Certified Veteran Enterprise (CVE).


Chuck buys out his partner for 100% ownership of Rhino Demolition & Environmental Services, Corp.

January 2018

Chuck Purchases a new office building / warehouse space in Myrtle Beach, SC for the new HQ of Rhino Demolition & Environmental Services, Corp.

Chuck creates and forms Rhino Investment Group, LLC.