The Creation of the Name

“Rhino Demolition & Environmental Services, Corp.”

Growing up Chuck Smith was involved in many sports, but became very successful in wrestling and was a part of an Elite Wrestling Club in Michigan, “The Rhino Wrestling Club.”

After joining the military he was stationed at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC and began a family of his own. As his children grew older he got them involved in wrestling and eventually started his own Youth Wrestling Club, “The Raging Rhino’s Wrestling Club.” Over the years the club was very successful and won many Team Tournaments and State Championships with multiple individual State Champions that went on to be successful in High School and College.

Chuck always referred to the obstacles his club members would have to overcome when trying to become successful as brick walls. He would tell them that there was no obstacle a Rhino could not get through. A Charging Rhino could bust down any wall or obstacle standing in its way!

It was this mindset that sparked the only name that made sense when forming his company, “Rhino Demolition & Environmental Services, Corp.”